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The season for Spring Break is here! Once we return from Spring Break, there
are generally only 6-8 weeks left until Summer Break, and by now we’ve got summer fever. At this point, I like to evaluate where are in our lessons. I know you may not take a spring break — or even a summer break — but this is still a good time to revisit your educational goals, assess where you are in relation to meeting your goals, and adjust where necessary.

Revisit Year-End Goals

What goals did you set at the beginning of the year? Was it to finish certain curricula? To master certain skills? To expand learning in certain content areas?

One goal I had this year for ZooKid was American History studies from exploration through 1800s. I was using TruthQuest’s Lapbook for American History for Young Students 1. This is a great curriculum, but about a quarter way through the school year, I had to adjust this goal because I felt it moved too quickly and was more detailed than we needed in first grade. I switched to unit studies, and this has worked out a lot better for us at this time.

During my Spring Break Evaluation, I noted which curricula/unit studies I had planned to finish.

Where Are We In Relation To Those Goals?

What lesson are you on? How many  more lessons do you have to do? Will you finish all the lessons by your goal end date?

After Spring Break, we have 7 weeks until my goal end date. I went through all my curricula and calculated how many lessons each one had and determined if I would be able to finish them by that time using my Spring Break Evaluation Form. Check out this example:

spring break evaluation example
Do We Need to Adjust?

If you are unable to finish by your end goal date, how are you going to adjust?

Because we homeschool, we are able to determine and adjust our educational goals. We may have a goal to finish grade X math curriculum, but if our student struggled with the concepts and took longer to process and master the material, that’s ok. We can continue that curriculum next year. On the flip side, if our student grasped the concepts quickly and mastered the material early, we can continue on to the next grade this year. Here are a couple ways you can adjust your goals:

  • Double up on lessons
  • Do lessons on Saturdays
  • Exclude some less pertinent lessons
  • Stop lessons on your goal end date, and start up again next fall
  • Extend your end date

Free Download: Spring Break Evaluation

imageDownload the Spring Break Evaluation form here.




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  1. Thanks! This is a great resource. I know we’ve gotten a little “off track” due to adding in a lot of review products this year.

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