Supercharged Science: A Review

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Science is one of our favorite subjects. There is so much fun to be had exploring and experimenting. We have taken several different approaches to science, including unit studies, traditional textbooks and workbooks, living books, note booking and lap books. We have enjoyed elements of them all, and we were looking for our next science adventure.  I have been looking at what Supercharged Science has to offer for some time now, and so I was thrilled for the opportunity to review the e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum.

The e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum is an online science program that offers over 800 hands on experiments for grades Pre-K through high school.  They put the curiosity back into science class by flipping the traditional approach of reading a text on a topic and completing  an occasional experiment or two after the fact. Kids learn by doing the experiments first and making connections using the scientific method, then acquiring many of  ‘the why’s ‘ afterward, including reading and worksheet exercises. This program is designed to be fairly student-led and requires less parent-involvement than many other science curricula.

By Grade or Topic

You can customize your experience to fit your homeschooling style. Parents can choose a grade level, and the student can work through various grade-appropriate topics throughout the year.


Here is the outline for the curriculum for fifth grade:

Alternatively, parents can choose specific topics and create unit studies, delving as deep as the parent directs or the student  allows. Here is a list of the different scientific topics covered by Supercharged Science:

  • Unit Zero: Overview of e-Science
  • Unit 1: Mechanics
  • Unit 2: Motion
  • Unit 3: Matter
  • Unit 4: Energy 1
  • Unit 5: Energy 2
  • Unit 6: Sound
  • Unit 7: Astrophysics
  • Unit 8: Chemistry 1
  • Unit 9: Light
  • Unit 10: Electricity
  • Unit 11: Magnetism
  • Unit 12: Alternative Energy
  • Unit 13: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 14: Electronics
  • Unit 15: Chemistry 2
  • Unit 16: Life Science 1
  • Unit 17: Life Science 2
  • Unit 18: Biology 1
  • Unit 19: Biology 2
  • Unit 20: Earth Science
  • Award-Winning Science Fair Projects

Supercharged  Science understands the inability of many homeschool families to afford expensive curricula and endless lists of materials, and that is why they designed most their experiments to use common household supplies or ones easily and cheaply acquired. Here is an example of a supply list for Unit 16: (Life Science 1):


Further Your Learning

Supercharged Science offers many ways to tailor your student’s science education, including drawing connections from the lesson to other subjects or introducing advanced topics.

Science Journal: Learn how to keep track of your scientific thoughts, experiments, and discoveries.

Advanced Topics: If your student is ready for material beyond the elementary K-8 material, you can explore advanced topics such as astrophysics in the “Advanced Topics.” This is high school level material incorporated within the elementary topics.

Mathemagic: Exploring math in the real world through games and puzzles and acquiring new concept area such as cryptology and logic problems in a fun way.

In Our Homeschool

We decided to learn by topic and chose Unit 16: Life Science 1. Starting at the beginning of this unit, we enjoyed the fun videos and experiments. The activities were indeed all able to be completed independently by my student. It was fun to watching him gather materials and follow the videos to learn the target skills. Here is a peek at the overview of Unit 16:

SuperCharged SuperCharged SuperCharged

Here is a peek at some of the experiments and activities we did:

I really liked how independent the student could be working through this program. Videos are fun and definite has a different feel than a traditional approach. Addition support for teachers/parents is provided in the ‘Resources’ tab, including a blog, games, and answers to common questions.

Have you tried the  e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum by Supercharged Science? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. If you want to know it it is a good fit for your homeschool, try out a month for $1! Check out other great reviews by the Homeschool Crew by clicking the banner below.

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