The Typing Coach: A Review

The Typing Coach
Dear Homeschooler,The Typing Coach

Like most boys nowadays, my son loves video games. He especially likes those games, like Minecraft, that provide a creative outlet for his imagination. Because of this, he is also very interested in computer programming so that he will, someday, be able to design his own video games. He is very fortunate to have a dad that can code. My husband sat down with him to teach him some basic programming a few months ago, but soon lessons came to a stand still. It turned out that my son could understand the concepts he was teaching him; however, his lack of typing skills seriously  impeded his ability to really move forward in this area. So, when the opportunity to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course by The Typing Coach arose, we took it eagerly!


The Product: The Typing Coach Online Typing Course

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is just that — an online typing course. It can be used for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and even adults. They even have a slower paced lesson outline designed for younger students 8-11. They teach typing concepts and lessons through a multi-sensory approach with videos, audio clips, and visual student packets and progress sheets. The course outline is as follows:

  • Course Introduction
  • Slower Paced Lessons (for the younger ones)
  • The Practice and Testing Center
  • Before & After Snapshot
  • Having Good Posture
  • Home Row
  • Top Row
  • Bottom Row
  • Shift Keys
  • Evaluating Your Skills
  • Typing Practices
  • Number Row
  • Serious Practicing
  • Final Assessment
  • Conclusion


Slower Paced Lessons

Since my son is only in second grade and just learning to type, we followed the ‘Slower Paced Lessons’ outline. These lessons may also be appropriate for those special needs students who benefit from a more flexible learning sequence.  We watched the videos and even though my son is even younger than the recommended ages for the modified lessons, we found the lessons appropriate and engaging. We repeated a couple lessons to really solidify the skills before we moved on to the next lesson.



Teacher Resource Center

All the information you may need to teach and support your typer can be found at the Teacher Resource Center. Here you can find all printables,  including student packets and progress charts as well as videos explaining the process of how to teach and model good typing practices and how to give tests. If you have a question whose answer cannot by found here, click the link at the bottom and ask them directly.

My Opinion

Work at your own pace.

Since my typer is younger, we followed a slower paced lesson outline. We were able to repeat the lesson until I was confident my son had mastered the skills.

Audio clips are fun.

My son enjoyed listening to the audio clips. I was impressed that he was able to be engages throughout the whole lesson.

Minimal Prep Time

There is little or no prep time needed. Have the student packet printed out ready for when it is needed. Then, set up your student to listen or watch the appropriate lesson, and that’s it!


Have you used The Typing Coach Online Typing Course? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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