Used Homeschool Curriculum Sale


Dear Homeschooler,

We are moving, and it is time to purge our curriculum stores. Check out the items below:

  • Itemize what you want in the comments. Email works, too. You can also message me on facebook at Dear Homeschooler (for quickest response)
  • Local pickup in the Northern Georgia area
  • I will ship media mail. Buyer to pay shipping (and insurance, if wanted)
  • First come, first served. I do have these listed on other sale sites.
  • I accept PayPal. I am open to fair offers/deals — especially if you buy several items.


For Sale

Set 1: 8 non-fiction reference books. $8 for all.

Set 2: Lightning Literature & Composition Teacher Manuals, Grades 1-3. $25 each

Set 3: Biology for the Grammar State Teacher’s Manual. $10

Set 4: National Geographic Kids Try This! Science books. $3

Set 5: American History Readers. $4 for all.

Set 6: Art Appreciation books (Hardcover). $30 for all

Set 7: College level Swahili text and CD. $50

Set 8: Preschool activities ebooks, printed out. $3 for all.

Set 9: Artistic Pursuits, Early Elementary Book One & Art Lessons. $30 for both.

Set 10: Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book, Grammar 1 Teacher’s Book, & Songs. Workbooks do have pencil writing. Not sure how much, so I’ll include them for free. $25 for all.

Set 11: Crayola Early Learning set. $10.

Set 12: The American Story. $15

Set 13: Usborne Science Readers set. Hardcover. $20

Set 14: Books for Sonlight A. $50

Set 15: Amazing Science Collection.$10

Set: 16: Non-fiction Picture books set. $6

Set 17: Math Picture Readers. $8

Set 19: Singapore Math 2A & 2B Teacher’s Manuals, Textbooks, and Intensive Practice workbooks (one had a few penciled pages). One textbook has a rip on back cover but still usable. $40

Set 20: File folder games, literacy games, Literature Pockets, Science, Stories, etc. $15 for all.

Set 21: Medieval Knight book set. $20 for all.

Set 22: History Through the Ages: Project Passport: The Middle Ages CD. $20

Set 23: God’s Design for the Physical World Set. $60

Set 24: Abeka The History of Our United States. 2 textbooks. Older and well-used. Some tests are missing. $25

Set 25: Test Prep for 1st – 3rd grade. $2 for all.

Set 26: Dry Erase books. $12 for all.

Set 27: Reader sets. $5 each.

Set 28: 3D Animal Readers. $10 for all.

Set 29: Level 1 Readers. $10 for all.

Set 30: Leve 2 Readers. $7 for all.

Set 31: Animal books $10 for all.

Set 32: Math and Literacy Games. $7 for all.

Set 33: Pattern block with Patternables and large stack of laminated block cards. $20

Set 34: Mathtacular (math DVD) & Rainbow Rock (computer math game-never used) $15 for both. InquisiKids DVD. $10 (or $20 for all)

Set 35: Leapfrog pen/book. $10

Set 36: Math Centers $3. Vocabulary Building Card games $3.

Set 37: All About Reading, Pre-Reading. $60

Set 38: All About Spelling, Level 2 Teacher’s Manual and cards. $15

Set 39: All About Reading, Level 3 $75

Set 40: Elementary early history and geography. All for $18

Set 41: Electricity and Magnet Science books. $8

Set 42: Space books. $10

Set 43: Usborne Planet Earth and Physical Geography text. $10 each (or $15 for both).

Set 44: Abeka Understanding God’s World, $15. Other science books, $4 each. (All 3 for $20)

Set 45: Go Diego and Scooby-Doo Picture Readers. $7 for all.

Set 46: Search and Find books. All for $10.

Set 47: Story books (Froggy, Berenstain Bears, Jungle Book, Dinosaur A-Z). All for $12

Set 48: Story books (Madeline, Arial, Frozen, rainbow, cat). All for $8

Set 48: Kids books (Vocabulary Tales, AlphaTales, Picture Dictionary coloring book). All for $4.

Set 49: Craft book, $5. Teacher’s Grade Book, $1.

Set 50: Workbooks. All for $4.

Set 51: Flashcards (math, touch-and-feel letters, letters, etc.) All for $5.

Set 52: Story of the World, Ancient Times (many activity pages are gone, but teacher’s manual is intact) & Workbook (first 30 or so pages are penciled in). $1 each.

Set 53: Stickers, border, name cards, charts. Add whole set to existing order for $2.

Set 54: Magnet letters, $4. Manipulative blocks, $4.

Set 55: Story books (Madeline, Arial, Frozen, rainbow, cat). All for $8

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